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March 31, 2024 - 11:59 PM
Amelia's Story

Amelia Ivory - 2022 Crescendo Award Recipient

I was fortunate to be a recipient of the 2022 Crescendo Music Award grant...

"I applied to study the conducting of World Class Conductors at the Verbier Music Festival in Switzerland and the Jarvi Conducting Academy in Estonia for three weeks in July -- FULLY FUNDED.

I experienced incredible levels of musicianship and socialized with some of the top names in the classical music world. Ultimately, my trip was a life-changing experience that expanded my awareness of not only what is possible, but of what I am possible of doing. 

This could not have happened without the wonderful people at the Tulsa Rotary Club and the Crescendo Music Award Grant Committee!

The best news! Registration for the grant is NOW OPEN and I will tell you -- the people behind this award want to CHANGE LIVES. Don't be afraid to THINK BIG or go a little further than you would have imagined is possible! You never know who will be there to greet you on the other side, and who is willing to support and cheer for your success here in Tulsa."

-Amelia Ivory, 2022 Crescendo Music Awards Grant Recipient

A public school music teacher at the time of her Crescendo award, Ms. Ivory is currently an orchestral conductor on staff with the Tulsa Youth Symphony.

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