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Sunday, March 31, 2024 by 11:59 PM
General Information
Application Deadline 

  • The application deadline is March 31, 2024, by 11:59 pm. 

  • Grant notifications will begin on or before May 1, 2024.


Grants are awarded in amounts determined by the committee based on the amount requested and the availability of funds. Applicants are encouraged to think creatively and globally:  Rotary Crescendo Music Awards Grants fund amazing, transformational, life-changing musical projects and organizational development opportunities.

  • For instance, perhaps an exceptionally accomplished high school musician has been accepted into a summer intensive study program at Interlochen, Tanglewood, or the Curtis Summerfest, or somewhere in Europe, such as the Bel Canto Institute in Florence, Italy.  A Crescendo Music Awards Grant could assist in funding this life-changing summer experience.

  • As an example of an organizational applicant:

    • Perhaps a high school orchestra director has the opportunity to attend a special intensive summer conducting workshop to improve her skills and revitalize her teaching and therefore benefit her entire music program but does not have the means to fund such an opportunity. 

    • Perhaps a marching band teacher would like to study comparative marching band styles by attending the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and other military band events over a two-week tour of the UK.

    • Perhaps a high school choir director with a large Hispanic student population would like to plan a professional development study trip to Mexico, studying indigenous folk song traditions with local ethnomusicologists; he creates a detailed itinerary, makes contact with local experts, and creates lesson plans to incorporate discoveries from field research to enliven and enrich his school music program in Oklahoma.

  • The only thing lacking is funding to realize the dream. Explain to the committee how a grant would benefit the entire music program and present a detailed, well-thought-out grant proposal, and a Crescendo Music Awards Grant could help fund these types of exceptional, transformational experiences for an educator and his or her music program. ATTENTION TEACHERS: the only limit is your imagination! 

These examples are not intended to be exhaustive. In keeping with the distinguished history of the Crescendo Music Awards Competition, the bar for excellence is set high.  We invite you to inspire, delight, and excite the committee of judges with your grant proposals. Be creative. Surprise Us. Dream big.


Applicants must explain in reasonable detail how they would spend their grant and why they are asking for a particular amount of funding.  For example, if your grant would pay for international travel to a summer music festival and festival tuition, then please provide a budget and cost breakdown to support your request.

Grants will be made directly to the Applicant.  Recipients may be invited to perform for the Rotary Club of Tulsa.


Because grants are intended to fund exceptional special projects, (i) organizational grants are not awarded to fund ordinary operating expenses, and (ii) individual grants are not awarded for generic college scholarships.

Crescendo Music Awards Grants Committee

The selection committee is comprised of both music professionals and members of the Rotary Club of Tulsa who are not music professionals.  All decisions are final.   


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